I'm Sander Visser. I design and develop digital products, web applications and websites. I work from my office in the heart of Breda, the Netherlands.
I tweet here, write here and some of the projects I worked on lately are down here. ⬇


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Skills and technologies

I know how and like to use the latest technologies in both the design and development spectrum. For design I use tools as Sketch, Figma, InVision, Marvel and the Adobe Suite. Depending on the needs of the project I can use technologies as HTML5, CSS3, Vanilla Javascript, jQuery, React, Meteor, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Gulp, Webpack, npm, SCSS and Bootstrap.


I might be available for freelance work. If you've got a cool project, want to work together or just enjoy talking, send me an email at sander@sanderfish.nl or contact me on Twitter (@fishsander).